"I laughed and then I read her books!"

                         Albert Einstein


Each novel is a mutually exclusive world containing satire and parody of different genres. The sole unifying link is humor.



Now, that’s one happy reader!< !

Another Happy Reader

That guy can party!< !

Even happily married couples love the book!

It’s wonderful when an intellect enjoys my books!

Soon to come:


 Amour Anarchy, a Memoir


Thank you, Stacey Roberts, for this!
Thank you, Stacey Roberts, for this!

About Maura Stone

Caught like a deer in headlights

Maura Stone comes from a leading borscht belt entertainment family known as "Catskill Royalty" in comedy. She grew up in the lap of humor where famous American comedians sat at her kitchen table swapping jokes with her family; her father a sit-com writer and her cousin, Sam Levenson, known nationwide from the 1950's until his death in 1978. Today, most people recall Sam Levenson from his best-selling books, appearances on tv shows and for his poem that Audrey Hepburn loved.

No stranger to comedy as she was trained in the Stone/Levenson tradition of intellectual humor (both high and lowbrow), Maura pursued a different career path, commercial banking. Which gave rise to shock from colleagues when her first novel, Five-Star FLEECING, received rave reviews and won a national book award in 2011 for comedy. Although fictional in scope, the stories in the book are based upon true tales from the crypt of incidents formerly known to those involved in the high-end hospitality industry. 

Breaking new ground with her unconventional sense of humor, Maura's latest comedy, "eDating the Old School Way" published by HOPress, was published in October 2014. This book satirizes the online dating arena and advice books/blogs while dispensing sage pearls of wisdom. Some say it's hilarious beyond belief. A must read for anyone who ventures online to seek a potential romance or whatnot.

To date, Maura has published several mini ebooks, some of which have won awards as well as contributor to humoroutcasts.com. Her blog, KISS-keepitsimpleschmuck.blogspot.com is the top comedy blog on the planet, winning awards and acclaim.

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