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Five-Star FLEECING delivers with sass, fun and vengeance true tales-from-the-crypt about a corrupt luxury hotel in NYC through the eyes of Linda Lane, an unconventional heroine. Escape with laughter into this madcap adventure filled with crazy colleagues, paparazzi and celebrities. A definite must-read for anyone willing to ROFLMAO.

Here are a few reviews:

“The book that redefined hospitality.” 

“A promising new star in the literary world.” Queens Gazette 

✰✰✰✰✰ Midwest Book Review
A humorous delve into the underworld of class, highly recommended” 

Even the classiest isn't immune from the lowest common denominator. "Five-Star Fleecing" looks into the life of Linda Lane, as she embraces her new career as manager of the Supreme Superior, a five star New York City hotel. But her classy career is not what it's cracked up to be as she soon finds herself again associating with criminals. Presented as a dark comedy, "Five-Star Fleecing" is a humorous delve into the underworld of class, highly recommended. 

✰✰✰✰✰ Harriet Klausner, #1 book reviewer
This is a superb scathing satire of the hospitality business” 

In 1995 after losing her legal position at a firm doing questionable practices, Linda Lane obtains a job as assistant resident manager at the Manhattan luxurious Supreme Superior Hotel. Her boss Herr Ganiff explains the rules of working at a five-star hotel and assigns her to work up a plan on how to keep their high rollers happy while also bringing in some middle income. However, Linda observes all sorts of questionable practices at the hotel owned in absentia by a Japanese trio. In fact, she sees theft, poor handling of guests and a management team that takes care of itself exclusively. As she tries to ignore what she observes, Linda thinks of her father who told her to never back down from an ethics scenario as she did as a lawyer. This is a superb scathing satire of the hospitality business at a time when Wall St. is in the news with Too Big To Fail bonuses to many of those who failed. The cast is eccentric and over the top of the Empire State Building with me-me attitudes that stun idealistic newcomer Linda Lane who cannot understand the philosophy that the guest must not get in the way of bonuses. Maura Stone provides a well written tale of avarice, American style of capitalism. 

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s favorite book on her page! 

If you're still not convinced, this last review should top everything:

 I fell asleep every time I have tried to read this... Anonymous