Arc of Passion

Arc of Passion

Short Stories for the Non-Avid Reader: Romance, Self-Actualization and Maturity

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Even writers of adult relationship ebooks are not infallible. Maura's pursued by a fellow almost half her age and 3,000 miles away! From the award-winning author of the comedy, Five-Star FLEECING, Maura Stone explores this unconventional relationship in a compilation of six witty and introspective short stories. Originally written for short-story readings that took place during 2012, Maura intended for the listener/reader to fully embrace and engage the panoply of emotions in three minutes or two pages.

Tailored for those on the go, Arc of Passion is a literary treat in small bites.

 ✰✰✰✰✰ stars!! Ms. Envy

Talk about an amazingly-well written book. Once again, Ms. Maura Stone has written a book that has me in tears. I seriously can't get enough of her, wildly worded, extremely intense, easy and pleasurable reads. After the first book (five star fleecing)- she has definitely replaced who-in my mind, is best author.